If learning is all about books..
If inspiration does nothing..
If innovation has no scope..
If teachers can only be conventional..
Then we have no reason to be here!!


Passion is the single word which laid foundation to Nine Education. Instead of complaining on the current education system, we decided to act and have taken an initiative to impart the best education to students. We believe that a teacher can transform a student’s life completely. A teacher can help a student to take that quantum leap. So, with this motive on December 9th 2012 Nine Education has taken its shape with serious commitment of young IITians towards teaching. Within a few years’ time, we have not only motivated students and parents to break the stereotypes in IIT entrance preparation, but also inspired young IITians to take up teaching as career.

Presently with a highly dedicated team of six passionate teachers, Nine Education is delivering the best results in the city. Especially, strong policies like limited strength, personalized training to each student, focusing on the personality development of the students, creating a stress free healthy learning environment, conducting sports and other extra circular activities etc., make the institute very special and lovable to students. Students here mainly focus on learning the subject rather than a particular examination pattern, which boosts their confidence to give any exam dynamically.

Vikram Dachepally

Teacher, Founder & CEO

“When I was working as a software programmer, I realized the passion for teaching. Then, I started part-time teaching at corporate institutes to know that teaching is my real calling. It gave me immense satisfaction when I set out to make difference in students’ lives. Finally, with a group of like-minded ideological folks, Nine Education has come into existence. Today, I am totally happy with my decision and am really proud of my team who work with great dedication.”


Bharath Teja

Teacher, Founder & Director

“Spending time with students makes me feel much younger and active. Every day gives a new learning experience to me as a teacher. I always think that the beauty of teaching profession lies in its reciprocity with learning. When Nine Education came into being, it was pursuit of nothing but a passion; and I owe it to my students for making me what I am now.”

What Our Students Say